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Honest advice for high school. Take it or leave it.
1. Don’t piss off your teachers like I did. Get to class on time whenever you can and learn to word your arguments so you don’t sound like a brat. These are the people who will grade your papers and answer your questions, so learn to be likeable without being a kiss ass.
2. Ask questions to teachers who know their shit and ask Google if they don’t.
3. Sometimes a cigarette or a whole bag of chips or a good cry is just what you need at 12am and you’re feeling alone and that’s ok. You’re ok.
4. Help others and don’t be selfish with your knowledge. Share and collaborate because it’s one of the great aspects of human existence. Except those kids who never helped you, even when they know more than they were letting on. Fuck those kids and don’t help them when they ask you for your assignment at 1am the night before it’s due. Karma’s a bitch to the self-centred.
5. Learn great words like ‘perennial’ and ‘quintessential’ and use them. Words are beautiful and powerful and teachers know that. Thesauruses can be your best friend, but you need to know what you’re trying to say before you can say it.
6. Write shit down even if you’re convinced you’ll remember it. Buy a beautiful note pad even if your school gives you one the colour of pond scum and says you have to use it.
7. Remember that teenagers fight with their parents and that’s ok, but try to be nice. Someday they’ll die and you’ll wish you’d told your mum you were grateful or your dad that you love him.
8. Fuck being popular. If the girls with glossy hair and sparkling teeth are mean to you then move seats. You don’t owe them anything and you’ll be happier for it.
9. Find people you can talk to about the nature of the universe but also people who can play an excellent game of beer pong. Don’t limit yourself to one kind of person or only like-minded people when there’s a whole world of interesting strangers out there.
10. Don’t buy into the superiority complex that comes with sitting indoors every night, drinking tea and reading classical literature. Go out and drink until everything’s funny if that’s what you want. It’s your life and you’re allowed to be a different person every night of the week. Don’t you dare tick anyone else’s boxes but your own.
11. If living the life you want involves a lot of cute boys, that’s cool. If it doesn’t, that’s cool too. Don’t let guys treat you like shit, no matter how hot they are. You do not need him to complete you. You won’t remember Jack or Sam in 50 years and there’s probably a reason for that.
12. It’s ok to smoke weed or cigarettes or get blind drunk if that’s what you want, but, for the love of God, be able to talk about other things. Everyone is going to get bored of it faster than you will.
13. Procrastination is part of life but get shit done early when you can. If you’re going to do an assignment the night before, get out of bed and set up your laptop in another room with a cup of tea or coffee. Sometimes the urgency of a looming deadline is the motivation you need, but it’s always easier if you’ve done at least a little work or a plan a few days before. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You can get it done, just like all the kids before you have.
14. Comparison is the thief of joy. It might be clichéd but it’s important to remember that your human experience is unique and shouldn’t be measured against anyone else’s. The kids who seem like they have it all together might be more stressed out than you think.
15. And lastly, remember that all these people and buildings and assignments are temporary and you might not remember this day in 10 years. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not important. Don’t treat your 12 years of high school like a stepping-stone to university which is a stepping-stone to working to retirement to death. These years aren’t just rungs on a ladder. It’s 1/7 of your life, work hard but enjoy it.
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